Justin Robinson, author of the conspiracy neo-noir novel Mr. Blank, is something that shouldn’t exist: a native Angeleno. In college, he developed a fascination with conspiracy theories, which led to a fork in the road.  He could either live in a shack and create terrifying websites, or try his hand at writing. Luckily for him, he had already met his future wife, who curbs his worst impulses.

He tried both the comic and animated film industries, and eventually embraced prose, because it’s nice to write for people who actually like to read. He experimented with genre and style, always returning to noir, because he’s seen The Big Lebowski and Double Indemnity more than any sane person should.

Mr. Blank started life in Robinson’s post-college malaise of dead-end jobs, including a stint at a commodities brokerage firm that took two months before he was convinced it wasn’t a money laundering front for the Russian mob.  He filtered that through his obsession with conspiracy theory and cryptozoology, and his love of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett.  Also, there was some liquor in there.  There always is.

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